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Choosing the Best Life Jackets for Infant & Baby

Life Jackets for Infant

Allowing your infant to have experience in water can provide positive, long-term results. Many parents are too afraid to even let their little infant touch a body of water beyond the bathtub. If you are one of these parents, you can put these fears to rest. There are multiple different types of life jackets made specially for infants and small children. These life jackets allow infants and toddlers to stay safe, comfortable, and afloat.

The Stohlquist Nemo Child Life Jacket is capable of allowing your small child float on their backs. This is done with the special wrap-around flotation built into the life jacket. For extra security, this life jacket also has an adjustable crotch strap. This can help ensure that the life jacket does not slip off while in water.

The Stearns Giraffe Puddle Jumper Life Jacket can fit small children between 30 and 50 pounds. This is great for young children because it can encourage them to learn to swim early. This life jacket is also secure enough not to encase the child’s neck while in water. That way, the child can swim freely, comfortably, and happily.

The O’Neill USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest provides your infant with a soft, comfortable feel. Your infant would gladly accept wearing this comfortable vest rather than fight it. The coated nylon shell helps protect the exterior of the vest from any wears and tears.

The Stohlquist Nemo Infant Life Jacket is a lot like the Stohlquist Nemo Child Life Jacket except this life jacket is for infants. This little personal flotation device has a quick release button over the entry zipper to help give that extra security. Also like the child life jacket, this infant life jacket has a crotch strap to add on even more security for your infant.

The Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket from Stearns is made with durable nylon for that outer strength and protection. It also allows a great range of motion that gives the child an ample amount of freedom when moving around or swimming. This life jacket is approved by the USCG, meaning professionals also trust this brand.

All of these infant and toddler vests can prove to be very safe choices for your child. Please be mindful, though, that your children must still be properly supervised when in the water. Other than that, these life jackets would be sure to provide a fun and learning experience for both you and your child.

Best Baby Activity Walkers

With so many baby walkers out there, you can’t help to wonder which ones are the best for your baby. Especially with products being recalled, it’s always vital to research different products for children. So, with a lot of research done, some baby walkers have been discovered as the best in regards to safety for your child, as well as in developing different developmental skills for your child. These baby walkers include the Haba Walker Wagon; the Hape Wonder Walker; the Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center; the Hape Galloping Zebra Cart; and the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker.

The Haba Walker Wagon has many great features and benefits. For one, the wheels are made of superior rubber, and this walker is also made of great quality of wood. This walker also contains pockets to store toys, and it has a seat available to push a friend. And more importantly, this walker helps to develop motor skills and coordination. This will develop in your child as he or she pushes the walker, and fine tune his or her ability to move accordingly, to hold on to the walker, and to watch where he or she is going.

The Hape Wonder Walker also help develop great motor skills and coordination. These skills are developed as the child is pushing the walker, and as the child learns to watch where and how to move around in an area. In regards to the build of this walker, it is 100% non toxic, and it’s made of great quality wood and rubber tires also. With the rubber tires, there’s no need to be concerned about getting scratch marks on your floor.

The Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center has many attributes and features, hence the name “walker activity center”. One thing that this extraordinary walker has, is a Mp3 hook-up. Another thing is that this walker is made of 100% Nylon, and it has a removable, and machine washable padded seat. When it comes to traveling, this walker is easy to store in you vehicle, because it’s foldable. Furthermore, the height of this walker is adjustable. So as your child grows taller, you can easily adjust this walker to fit your child comfortably.

With the Hape Galloping Zebra Cart, the child will learn to balance, as he or she pulls up on this walker. The child will also develop great physical strength and coordination in this regard, and as he/she pushes the walker. With the make of the walker meeting the government standards, it is made from the best quality in wood, it’s nontoxic, and the rubber wheels will not scuff the floors.

The Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker is also full of great features. The tray is removable, the seat is adjustable, and the padded seat is machine washable. Other great aspects of this walker include a variety of music along with different sounds, songs, and lights. And furthermore, this walker resists movement when on surfaces that are uneven.

With this products, you can maintain a peace of mind in knowing that your child is safe. Also, your child will develop great motor skills, coordination, strength, and balance.

Baby Safety Showers – Not Just Fun and Games!

There is no doubt that baby showers are the perfect way to give mom-to-be and dads-to-be a head start on their baby necessities. But if there is a need to be a little more creative when it comes to throwing a different type of baby shower, consider hosting a baby safety shower.

Even though traditional baby showers are fun to participate in, there is a particular need for new parents to be informed when it comes to the new arrival of their baby. This is why baby safety showers might deem much more beneficial than your traditional baby shower. And yes baby showers are extremely fun to have but there is a sense of history around baby showers. Baby showers is a great way for a community to come together and embrace the birth of a child. So why not implement safety into the picture to make it captivating,informative and essential to everyday parenting.

Baby safety showers not only is a fun way to enjoy each others happiness about the birth of a new baby, it’s an exceptional way for parents to leave with more awareness when it comes to keeping their child safe at home. It’s a great idea to base the shower’s theme on different safety issues such as nutrition, health and child proofing the home. Arranging a baby safety shower for a large party will make the shower even more engaging, so keep in mind that bigger is better.

When putting a safety shower together try making one person the leader to help guide and tame discussions, as well as safety games. It’s important to know that safety showers don’t always have to be based around family and friends. Including people through out the community will help promote partnerships when it comes to baby safety information.
Safety showers can create goodwill in the community due to it’s ability to build ties with local organizations. It also provides parents with products, and welcome information pertaining to safety ideas and ways to keep your new baby protected and healthy.

Safety showers is not just about playing games and opening gifts. It’s about teaching, learning and guiding others into a place where they are comfortable knowing they are armed with the right information when it comes to creating a safe environment for their child. Safety showers should leave parents feeling as if they are more than capable of mastering parenting in more ways than one.


Bright Starts Baby Care Play Place Playmat Swingin Safari-Fun

Are you or someone you know expecting a new addition to the family? As babies grow, their need for constructive and interactive play is essential to their development and happiness. From a very young age babies are attracted to colors, sounds, and lights. Beginning with the discovery of sound and movement, your little one becomes aware of the environment around them. Eventually they lift their heads and reach and play. Next is sitting and crawling for the child, and keeping them entertained is sometimes quite a task. Finding a product that can encompass all of these features and help your baby to develop their coordination skills may have been difficult to find, until now. All of these features and more can be found on the Bright Starts Play mat Swingin Safari.

Bright Starts Baby Care Play Place Playmat

As your child goes from infant to toddler, a play mat is a valuable tool for parents to utilize for developing their child’s motor skills. The mat can be adjusted to fit your needs with fold up sides, detachable support structure, detachable toys, and offers a large play area when opened fully.

The mat adapts to your child’s needs with fold up sides for infancy. In the tummy stage there is a support pillow. When they are ready to sit up the mat offers toys for busy play. During the crawling stage, you can remove the support bars and the mat lays flat for crawling.

When your baby makes a mess, and they do, rest assured that all surfaces are easy to wipe clean and machine washable. The detachable toys allow for easy hand washing.

For Both Boys And Girls

The bright colors and animals are great for either a girl or a boy. Loaded with a rainbow of colors, this mat will be loved by all children. The play mat is intended for use on a hard flat surface, therefore it should be utilized in a carpeted room or with a soft but sturdy surface underneath. This play mat has received rave 5 star reviews from consumers. The customer satisfaction for the Bright-Starts Play mat Swingin Safari mat has parents, grandparents, nieces, and friends boasting of it’s ability to entertain and teach their children.

When deciding to purchase a mat for your new bundle of joy, the Bright-Starts Play mat Swingin Safari set is a must have. Taking your child from infancy to toddler and beyond. Loaded with features such as detachable toys, colorful animal print, a music player, flashing lights, and fold up design, this mat will cover all of your child’s play time needs.

Bonding between Parents and Babies through Gentle Touch

loving infant massage

You can attain a great bonding time with your baby even at an early start – whether newborn or several years old – by giving him a loving infant massage. And as it becomes a focused therapy in the United States, various massage techniques that are effortless yet effectual can now be learned through certified instructors or just online.

Benefits for You and your Baby

The most vital profit it can impart on you is it reinforces and emphasizes your attachment and communication to your baby. Through this, you’ll feel more confident in handling your baby as your parental skills improve and your self-esteem increase. This could also be a great leisure time in promoting intimacy between you and your little one.

Infant Massage improves your baby’s physical, emotional and social well-being. It stabilizes their muscles; regulate gastrointestinal tract functioning, release of hormones and neurological development; improves circulation and respiration; boosts their immune system; enhances their sensory and body awareness while helping them feel relax and calm which reduces crying; improves their pain management that can alleviate their distress from teething, congestion and colic; reduces the level of cortisol which makes them stress thus helps them sleep deeper and more soundly.

How to Massage your Baby

How to Massage your Baby

Use a clean towel and massage oil. You can test if your baby’s allergic with it by applying the oil on a small spot in your baby’s skin and observing it. For your position, sit on the floor with your feet’s soles touching forming a diamond shape and drape the blanket over your feet and between your knees. After undressing your baby and supporting his head on your feet, start a gently yet firm and not ticklish “hello” stroke from head to toes. If the baby shows signs of irritability, move to the other parts of the body or just stop the massage. If your baby reacts well, softly go further.

Start with the tummy (Avoid the tummy if the cord isn’t completely healed). Use your fingertips in massaging his abdomen in a circular, clockwise motion. You could also place your hand horizontally and rock it from side to side time by time. Next proceed to his head and face. You could massage his scalp like you’re shampooing (Avoid the soft spot on top of his head). Then trace a heart shape on his face, placing your hands together at the chin; massage also his ears, eyebrows, closed eyelids, the nose bridge then his jaws by gentle strokes. Thereafter, at his chest, stroke outward from sternum to shoulders using both hands. After that, continue with his arms and hands, palms, fingers then at his back. His legs will be the last.

Importance of Breastfeeding and Choosing the Right Electric Breast Pump

Importance of Breastfeeding


When a baby is born, the most important thing to do for them is breast feed exclusively for the first six months. Other than nutrition, breast feeding ensures that your baby develops a strong immune system, boosts your baby’s intelligence quotient, and reduces the chance of the baby becoming obese and allergic. While many benefits of breast feeding are directed to the baby, the lactating mothers also gain in the process. It helps them reduce weight, decreases the risk of getting some types of cancer and reduces the risk of getting stressed and acquiring postpartum depression.

Reasons for using breast pumps

Lactating mothers with busy schedules find it difficult to balance both. For sure it is tricky. Every child should have the pleasure to feed well. Mothers who have born twins can also have difficulties in breastfeeding especially if they are new mothers.

Lactating mothers can introduce the use of breast pump to express the milk and store it so that in their absence the care giver can feed the child. Mothers with low milk supply and those under medication should also consider using an electronic breast pump.

The Advantages of an Electronic Breast Pump

Electronic Breast pump

Usually there are two types of breast pumps; manual and electronic breast pumps. An electronic breast pump is more popular due to its advanced features which include; ease of use, high performance, and less hygiene issues. They don’t require human effort when using them. They have the ability to express milk from both breasts at the same time, thereby boosting your milk production. They are ideal for pumping the breast milk daily. Portable models are now available and amazingly, there is a special type of Electric breast bump for mothers and babies with medical issues.

Features of a Good Electronic Breast Pump

Buying an electronic breast bump is not an easy task. The market these days has a variety of models to offer. Lactating mothers have had issues before when looking for a quality electronic breast bump. Among some great tips to put in mind when purchasing an electronic breast pump include getting a breast bump with vacuum since this will allow you to be at ease and express the milk comfortably, look for a pump with high cycling times since it is fast and efficient and look for double bumping ability in order to boost your daily milk production.

Breastfeeding is a task every mother should do with pride. It is a god given duty that connects a mother and her baby. As much as possible, the mother should feed the baby directly instead of using the pump. Make a connection with you child from the start.

How to Talk to Your Baby And Understand What She’s Saying Back

Baby Development

Imagine this! You are safe in your mother’s womb, in a small confined space and nourished continuously. You are safe. Now, suddenly you are born. Your world is turned inside out. Now you are in the big, wide world of your crib. You have no sense of time or space. You have your five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. However you can’t focus in on objects or people. You can move your arms and legs but really can’t reach out and touch things. You can hear sounds but can’t make the same sounds as your mother’s voice. The only taste you have is your mother’s milk or bottled formula. The only smell you know well is the scent of your mother’s body. You are a zero point and must learn to develop these five senses.

You must learn to communicate with your mother and she, in turn, must learn how to respond to your sounds. You didn’t have a human voice in the womb, so the only thing you can do is to let you vocal chords utter Ohooos or make gurgling sounds. Your mother is quick to pick these up and mimic them. The first mode of learning is through repetition. By repeating the sounds from your mother, you can gain comfort and success that what you are uttering is correct. This will set the framework for learning words, phrases, sentences and long reading selections.

How to Talk to Your Baby

Your mother knows that the gurgling and Ohooos are not enough. She talks to you in complete sentences. When doing this she tries to incorporate as many of the five senses as possible. She will “point” to objects such as your doll saying: This is your doll. She will take the doll to you and let you touch it, saying again, this is your doll. She also knows that we learn nouns easiest. By pointing to the doll and letting the child touch it will reinforce the word doll. But that is not enough. To add meaning to the word doll, you must add adjectives like “pretty doll with a blue dress.” Using concrete objects is the best way to communicate with your child. You can use food words like: “juice” or “milk” in the same way. Always remember that repetition is the best way to help your child communicate.

Play games like Pat a Cake. Here you are combining words with movement. Help your child to move his/her hands while saying the rhyme.

Ask your child to follow directions. You can start with the parts of your body, like: “Show me your nose, your ears, your legs etc.” Ask you child to combine physical action like: “Bring me your pretty doll with a blue dress.”

This step is most important because it tells you that your child understands what you are saying. The act of bringing the doll to you is confirmation that she knows what a doll is. Do the same with games that involve shapes like squares and triangles. Observe how well the child does.

When speaking to you child always maintain eye contact. Your child may not understand what you are saying but your facial expression and eye contact reassures and comforts him/her. Here again you are using more than one of your senses.

In all of this you, as the mother, should try to follow the rhythm of your child’s development from sounds to words to sentences.